Seamless tights are the pinnacle of hosiery production technology. Nylons without a single seam in the wedge area are not only very seductive, but also comfortable. The highlight in our offer are shiny seamless Libero tights by Cecilia de Rafael, which will be appreciated by lovers of high-gloss nylons.

Seamless tights

Bezešvé punčocháče (silonky, punčochové kalhoty) Miss 20 Cecilia de Rafael
590 Kč
Sevilla Libero 15 Cecilia de Rafael
595 Kč
Bezešvé punčochové kalhoty Platino Sinn
295 Kč
Bezešvé punčocháče, silonky, punčochové kalhoty Platino Sinn 60
305 Kč