Thin and ultrathin tights are designed for warm days as well as social events, where you want to maintain the natural appearance of your feet but keep the etiquette and have your feet dressed in thin nylons. You can find a large selection of fine tights in various shades and designs right here.

Thin tights

Lesklé punčocháče, silonky, punčochové kalhoty s Eterno Breeze Cecilia de Rafael
320 Kč
Neviditelné 9 den punčocháče, silonky, punčochové kalhoty Divine od Cecilia de Rafael
345 Kč
Eterno Super Lucido 10 tenké lesklé punčochové kalhoty, silonky, punčocháče
380 Kč
Letní punčochové kalhoty, punčocháče New Sahara od Cecilia de Rafael
205 Kč
125 Kč
Ultratenké 12 den letní punčocháče Giulia Summer 12
135 Kč
ultratenké punčocháče, silonky, punčochové kalhoty Pierre Mantoux Doucer
280 Kč
360 Kč
Pierre Mantoux matné silonky Nude 15
320 Kč
Pierre Mantoux matné silonky Veloutine
310 Kč
matné punčocháče matt tights platino frappe mate
240 Kč
205 Kč
You save:
35 Kč
350 Kč
Tenké punčocháče, silonky, punčochové kalhoty Platino Total Confort 10
259 Kč