Cecilia de Rafael Eterno Super Lucido 10 glossy tights

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  • 54% Polyamid, 46% Elastan
  • 10 den / 11 dtex
  • extremely glossy
  • extremely elastic
  • sheer to waist
  • no waist band
  • invisible toe
  • sizes: 2 - 6 cotton gusset, all sizes without central panel

Eterno Super Lucido 10 from Cecilia de Rafael belong to one of the most glossy tights on market. High amount of elastane gives maximal elasticity and resistance. This tights, as well whole line Eterno fro Cecila de Rafael a Cleancut from Platino, does not have any waistband only cleancut.

Do you love glossy legs? Than choose Eterno Super Lucido 10 as a best choice.

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