Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla Chic with back seam

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Very fine resistant glossy tights Sevilla Chic with elegant black back seam.

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  • 84% polyamid, 15 % elastan - Lycra 3D, 1% polypropylene
  • 15 den / 17 dtex
  • invisible toe
  • extremely elastic and glossy
  • back seam in black color
  • sizes: 1 - 5
Sevilla Chic completed a range of glossy, very fine, resistant and elastic  Sevilla line stockings and tights. The black back seam, follow legs from the buttocks to under the foot and you can't feel it when walking. Sevilla Chic gives the legs an elegant look with a touch of provocation. In the panty part, equipped with a cotton gusset are woven "lace panties".

These tights with a touch of provocative elegance should definitely not be missing in your modern women's wardrobe.

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