The highest quality that we offer on our e-shop and that we can find in the "matte" tights world are matte nylons from Pierre Mantoux. Pierre Mantoux is a leader in the production of matte nylons and, thanks to many years of experience, offers first-class quality using the highest quality materials. Therefore, if you want really matte nylons without any hint of shine, choose tights from the Pierre Manoux range. In our range of matte tights you will also find semi-matte and matte nylons from other manufacturers.

Not all of us like to attract attention with shiny and glossy legs and because of that we have matte nylons of different thicknesses and colors just for you. Ultra-thin matte nylons will only make-up your skin tone, higher denn will cover your legs more significantly, but your legs will not shine in the surroundings.

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